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Caribbean Islands Mobile Apps & Development. The explosive growth in the use of smartphones and tablets means you must go mobile now. Don’t miss the mobile revolution, be a part of it (your bottom line will thank you).

Quick Fact: Apps today are driving the majority of media consumption activity. Mobile users spend 7 of every 8 minutes using an App for media consumption.
Source: U.S. Mobile App Report 2015

C7 is Trinidad's app development leader. We develop native apps for mobile phones, tablets, iPads and iPhones. From wireframe to the wall of fame in mobile commerce apps, we’re here to turn your idea into a living, working mobile marketing platform for iOS, Android, and Hybrid / HTML5.

Consumers are addicted to Apps.
79% of smartphone owners use apps nearly every day.

5 Compelling Reasons To Build A Mobile App.

Everyone Is Mobile Crazy.

It's no secret that Apple has changed the world with its ever-increasing suite of mobile innovations. With more than 50% of US utilizing smartphones every day, you would be hard pressed not to see the potential of mobile apps over the next few years.

People Prefer Mobile Apps Over Websites.

2015 research shows, people spend 86% of their time in mobile apps while only 14% of their time in a mobile web browser.

Source: U.S. Mobile App Report 2015

Boost Your Brand And Recognition.

Here are some great facts: the average user has 26 apps installed on their phone, and there are roughly 800 million websites out there. When a user installs your app on their device, you are occupying a prime piece of real-estate on their phone.

Increase Customer Engagement.

It's very clear that people are spending more and more time engaged with their mobile apps. If you want their attention, you must go where your customers are. Get in front of them. Engage them with your brand. A great mobile app can enhance your connection with your customers and increase your profits.

Get Ahead Of Your Competition.

Taking advantage of technological trends to boost your bottom line is good business. When you make it easier for your audience to do business with you, you will get the edge on your competitors. I'm sure very few of your competitors will have android or iOS apps, so let us help you get a leg up on your competitors.

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What should I do now?
What does an app cost?

While every project is different, C7 Caribbean would like to discuss it further with you to make that assessment. We’ll talk more in depth about your business needs and your company’s goals. It’s no stress and no sales pitch when talking to C7. For a lot of firms, this could be an entirely new thing to deal with. But we’re not in the market to give you attitude, only approachable, professional guidance.

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