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Connect and Convert – Social Media's ROI Process.

The pace at which social media marketing changes and updates demands a smart and savvy expert to guide you; one who can set a social media strategy and then execute it one post at a time. Converting likers and lurkers to buyers and brand builders isn’t magic. It's hard work best done with our help.

Get Expert Advice, Strategies and Campaigns.

We are local experts with local offices staffed with seasoned professionals. That's not something too many other folks can say. Furthermore, our track record of big league creative, based on branding and your social media marketing plan, will deliver on the promise of social media’s lucrative ROI for you.

C7 Caribbean has the perfect blend of experience and knowledge to solve all of your social media marketing challenges. We offer social media management and SEO strategies focused on pushing your brand, website and digital marketing planning to the limit.

We put you at the top of search engine rankings with a compelling call to action and an excellent mobile-friendly website. Then we generate social media buzz about your company, brand, services and products to drive more targeted traffic to your site. We’re also here with reputation management if your buzz goes bad.

We generate social media and digital buzz about your company, brand, services and products to drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Our Process.


We need to gather as much information about your company as we can before we start a social media strategy. Personality. Tone. Services. Goals. Competition. Clients. The list goes on but the time you spend with us up front will pay off BIG.

Design 1.

Relax. You don’t have to be a techie. Because we take care of all that technical stuff—programming, engineering, project management and market research. Our process is seamless and flexible so we can get the job done fast while responding to your changing requirements or to adjust to new market conditions.

Design 2. (Iteration)

In this phase, we go through a series of iterations to make your project perfectly reflect your brand. This process is where we change anything major and minor to get the look and feel just right. Typically, this is a set of 3 lists of layout, text, and image changes. Once we can get this down, we are ready for LAUNCH your social media campaign.


After all of your new marketing tools are fully engaged, and your website is up and running. Our work has just begun. In the lightning fast world of today’s marketplace, we need to search out tomorrow’s breakthroughs. We also need to track, analyze and fine-tune everything on a daily basis to make sure what we’re doing is producing the best possible results.

Getting the right look and sound for your brand is critical to the rest of your marketing. Call today! 868.221.2722

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